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Article: How to choose your glasses?

Comment choisir ses lunettes ?

How to choose your glasses?


Buying the pair of glasses that fits your budget is a challenge : prices in stores are very high , while online opticians sometimes sell pairs for less than €10!

Our needs in terms of optical equipment are very vast: eyeglasses, sports glasses, anti-screen glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, photochromic, progressive, tinted glasses...

How do you know if you are paying the right price? We often tend to associate a high price with quality...wrongly!

In store, not better : salespeople try to sell you "revolutionary" treatments. Remember your last visit to the optician: " That's the best of glasses, there's anti-UV treatment, anti-scratch, anti-reflective, anti-fog [… ] ”.

In short, you find yourself again in a situation where the asymmetry of information disadvantages you!

Today, Tokyo Eye helps you better equip yourself and answers your questions:

  • What justifies the price of a pair of glasses?
  • How to choose glasses at the right price?

This article aims to help you better understand the prices of glasses, but also to find some that best suit your budget (or at least, we hope, not to be fooled again )!

L'Œil de Tokyo aims to offer you the best ratio between price and quality.

How to judge the quality of the glasses?

The anatomy of a pair of glasses

The first step is to understand the anatomy of a pair of glasses :

Diagram of a pair of glasses: lens and frame (Tokyo Eye)

A pair of glasses is made up of two lenses embedded in the eyeglass frame .

Spectacle lenses

These components are of different complexity: the lenses mobilize advanced technologies from manufacturing to the chemical and optical treatments to which they are subject.

To choose lenses adapted to your eyesight , all you have to do is make an appointment with the ophthalmologist! He will provide you with a precise description of your needs (astigmatism, hypermetropia, myopia, sun lenses, etc.). You will receive a prescription with your pupillary distance and correction (per eye: near vision, distance vision, cylinder, correction axis).

Spectacle frames

Conversely, the mount is very simple , and it's easy to convince yourself of that! By comparing products from the 1950s to the most modern glasses , we understand that apart from fashion, almost nothing has changed in 70 years!

Glasses advertising comparison 1950 vs 2021

Ultimately, the lenses determine the quality of the glasses and therefore their prices!

L'Œil de Tokyo works with Japanese and French opticians to offer you the best anti-blue light, sunscreen and vision correction treatments.

Materials for making glasses

The materials used to make glasses also vary very little. These are usually metal, acetate and polycarbonate.

Some examples: ametal frame , and a polycarbonate frame .

At L'Œil de Tokyo , we favor thin metal frames as well as high quality polycarbonate. These materials have good properties such as flexibility, robustness and lightness. Polycarbonates make it possible to offer attractive prices.

If no technology has revolutionized the performance of frames, manufacturing techniques have become extremely efficient. The machines at work today assemble several hundred frames per hour.

At L'Œil de Tokyo , our goal is to reduce the defect rate to zero thanks to a double manual assembly: the glasses are checked in Japan during assembly and again in France during the preparation of your order.

Before the correction, the balance sheet is simple: nothing in the manufacturing process of the frames justifies additional costs for your glasses!

Good to know also, only the corrections involve a significant additional cost for the manufacturer.

Where does the price of glasses come from?

You will find in the illustration below the details of the costs and prices charged by opticians in France for eyeglasses. In 2021, the average price of a pair of prescription glasses was €400 for an average cost of €63!

glasses cost chart 2020

But then, why pay so much for a pair of glasses that only cost around sixty euros to manufacture ?

Several reasons for this.

The charges of physical opticians

  • First, if you buy them in store, because a “physical” optician has fixed charges . He has to pay his salespeople, rent a warehouse, premises, all of this can be extremely expensive. In addition, a physical store sells only 2.7 pairs per day on average, which means that each customer contributes to the costs .

Glasses brands and mutuals inflate prices

  • Then, because of the game of mutuals and brands : for an individual, health-related expenses are a priority, especially when it comes to sight problems! Mutuals have an interest in people with visual impairments spending more, so they offer you formulas covering more expenses and therefore always more expensive ! Individuals with mutual insurance covering heavy costs, brands are also increasing prices!

  • This relationship between optical players has had the effect of artificially inflating the prices of optical products over the years... and this poses a problem : neither your optician, nor your mutual insurance company, nor the brands will cover this. surplus. You pay more, that's all.

Find a pair of glasses that fits your budget

The question of perceived value is important: some pairs cost more than 500€, even 1000€ ! At this point, it is no longer about quality, but about paying for the brand image of the glasses. If you are used to wearing luxury products, why not? If, on the contrary, your habits are more within the norm, why buy a range that does not correspond to your habits?

But then how to avoid hidden costs and what is the right price?

The right price is the one you are willing to pay! And not the one imposed by your optician, or by a brand. In order not to pay the fixed costs of an optician or the perceived value of a brand, a good alternative may be to seek an optical service online . E-merchants today offer support for corrections and therefore allow you to simply upload your prescription with your order.

At L'Œil de Tokyo, we offer elegant ranges of excellent quality at affordable prices. The glasses are at your sight less than 100€.

How to choose your glasses?

Disclaimer: if glasses are necessary for part of the population, they are also an essential fashion accessory , marker of your state of mind and your sophistication. No one is better placed than you to choose your ideal model, the style that will highlight you.

Nevertheless, here are some tips to avoid disappointment when buying online:

Buy glasses online!

  • Online stores offer the best compromise. Indeed, e-merchants do not have the same costs as physical opticians for the
    sale of glasses, the prices are logically more interesting. Online stores now take corrective lenses into account!

L'Œil de Tokyo offers prescription lenses (progressive lenses, myopia corrections, presbyopia) from €99.00!

Choose according to your needs and visual comfort

  • Sometimes we choose a pair for its look, but that's not all! If you want a frame for the office, go for blue light blocking models . If you want to express your creativity through an accessory, you will surely find what you are looking for in our collection of smoked glasses or sunglasses .

Choose your glasses according to the shape of your face:

  • As you can imagine, not all glasses suit you! Fortunately, we have written an article to help you wear glasses adapted to the shape of your face (round face, oval face, etc.).

So ! You are ready to choose your glasses properly online . I therefore give you an appointment on our online store and wish you a good visit.


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